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A series of new generation plums that are delicious and are a healthy summer treat. The perfect addition to breakfast, kids’ lunch boxes and smoothies. They are named CROC EGGS™ because they look much like Australian crocodile eggs!

New generation plums

CROC EGGS™ are premium, high quality plums that are hand selected from the outer edges of the orchards. Only plums that meet certain requirements for flavour, sweetness and size are allowed to wear the purple sticker. Ensuring the highest quality is of the utmost importance!
These delicious, red fleshed plums offer three types; black, red and speckled skin. Known for containing antioxidants and natural sugar, plums make the ideal healthy summer snack.

The story

Montague has travelled the world to find the most flavoursome plums. After a research and development program that spans for 15 years for each new plum variety, Montague has allowed them to join the family. With careful nurture, and harvesting of the fruit by hand, at the perfect time to deliver the absolute best new generation of Australian plums from our orchards to you.

Unique points of difference

All CROC EGGS™ Plums are 100% hand-picked from family run orchards with strict quality guidelines in place to ensure that you receive a plum with intese flavour. Each plum sold under the CROC EGGS™ brand must meet particular specifications to ensure consistent, quality plums are delivered to you, ready to eat. Hand-picking the fruit at the right time guarantees the best level of flavour and texture. CROC EGGS™ plums maintain their firmness even at their peak ripeness and are sweeter than traditional plums.


December – March
Australia has one of the best growing regions in the world for plums because the soil is so rich and the warm climate with hot, dry summers promote sweeter, juicier yet firm CROC EGGS™ plums.
The “speckled” red flesh plums (pictured on the left), are much sweeter than other plums soaking up more sunshine creating a naturally higher sugar level.

How to eat

Whether you are having people over for a summer BBQ or looking for a delicious afternoon snack, the juicy, firm and sweet CROC EGGS™ plums are perfect for any occasion.

Try add wedges of CROC EGGS™ plums to chicken skewers for your next BBQ gathering and serving with a fresh green salad.

The best way to store your plums is to keep them in the fruit bowl until they reach the perfect ripeness, then enjoy or place them in the fridge to keep their firmness.


CROC EGGS™ thrive in the following Australian regions: Stanthorpe (QLD), Swan Hill, Cobram and Shepparton (VIC), Donnybrook and Perth Hills (WA).

Seen in the left image is Andrew and Claire Routley, located in Katunga.

Since the 1950s, the Routley family have been fruit growers. They are a third-generation family owned and run business. They live and breathe the business of growing fruit much like the Montague family. Andrew worked with his grandfather and father until himself, Claire and his family took over the business. What they love most about what they do is the ever-changing challenge and joy of the 12-month fruit growing cycle.

The Routley family have been a part of the CROC EGGS™ program with Montague for over 14 years.

Meet Our Growers

Where to Buy

Pick up some CROC EGGS™ plums from Woolworths supermarkets nationally- keep an eye out for our purple crocodile sticker.

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