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Because of Australia’s ideal climate, our growers produce a variety of apples year-round.

The Australian harvest season starts in January with early season apples, like SweeTango® and Smitten®, which is in season until around April. Then there’s the popular JAZZ™, which enjoys a longer season from April to December, and is available year-round. But there’s so much more, like the unique, naturally red-fleshed KISSABEL®, to the tropical yellow-skinned yello®, and lusciously sweet envy™ and honey-like Ambrosia™.

When is your favourite apple in season?


Thriving in the summer and autumn sunshine, Ambrosia™ is picked and available from late March to late October. The sunshine of late summer and early autumn helps develop the unique taste and colour of Ambrosia™.

Sunshine in every bite


Pure indulgence, envy™ apples are typically in season from May to December. However, each year can differ due to weather. Heavy rain and hail can make a crop lighter, shortening its season.

Bite and believe


Later in the year, eve™ apples are typically in season from June to November. Reaching peak ripeness in winter, eve™ apples excite with a sweet tartness and lasting crispness.

Craving more?


Our Australian grown JAZZ™ apples enjoy the longest season of our variety. In season from March to February, and available from your local supermarket all year-round. Sweet and crunchy, JAZZ™  is great for an energy boost.

It's JAZZ™ time!


Beautiful from the inside-out, KISSABEL® apples have a limited season between late March and May. Currently, only limited quantities are grown in Australia, so if you see these dazzling apples on shelves, pick some up!

Look inside!


Juicy, sweet and crisp, Smitten® is an early season apple harvested from February to late April. Depending on weather, seasonality can vary.

Once bitten, forever smitten...


The first apple harvested in the season, SweeTango® apples are available between February and April. Short-lived, but remembered for that loud, juicy crunch!

Let your tastebuds tango

Bringing vibrant colour to winter blues, yello® apples are available from May to August.

Explore the colour of taste

Montague Premium Apples

The classics – Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Pink Lady® and Royal Gala – are available and in season all year-round.

Learn more about traditional varieties


Who doesn’t love a juicy stone-fruit on a sunny day? Produced all around Australia, our stone-fruit boasts an explosion of flavour, reminiscent of summer days, family BBQs and good times.


Australian Plums, like our the MONTAGUE tree™ and CROC EGGS™, are available between November and April.


Australian nectarines, such as our the MONTAGUE tree™ and Nectara™, are available between October and April.


Australian peaches, such as the MONTAGUE tree™, are available between October and April.


Australian apricots, such as the MONTAGUE tree™, are available between November and February.


Through the seasons...


A time to rest and prepare for Spring by pruning and planting new trees.


An exciting time in the orchards when new life begins.

Growers reduce the branches on a tree to increase its nutrition, so that buds become bountiful fruit. Thinning also allows more sunshine to reach the fruit, as the tree grows through Spring and Summer. While growers work their magic, bees work theirs, flying from flower to flower to enhance pollination. Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to grow fruit naturally!

Growers also graft and fertilise to prepare trees for Summer. Natural minerals, like magnesium, is often used to grow trees.


The growing season.

Growers prune in Summer for tree growth, closely monitoring crop size to ensure a fruitful season. Additionally essential is protecting fruit from hail, birds and wind damage. This means secure netting and constant maintenance.

To ensure even colour, reflective sheets are also placed under trees, to even sun reflection.


Montague Farms celebrates harvest each year and dedicates Autumn to fruit picking. Did you know all Montague Farms apples and stone fruit is hand-picked? Growers carefully pick fruit, following strict hygiene and technique. Afterwards, the fruit is washed several times before its packed for your local green grocer or supermarket.