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Food Safety

From the products carrying our brand to the team behind them, we are driven by a commitment to food safety and fruit quality


At Montague, we are committed to implementing and maintaining a culture around food safety and quality.  We are accredited to several Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards, that allows us to supply produce and services to both Australian and International markets. Our food safety and quality management system has been designed to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers by ensuring we provide the best quality fruit for our customers.

We are Sedex registered and undergo regular audits on our ethical performance to ensure we are continuously improving on labour rights, health and safety, environmental considerations, and business ethics


Our attitude to food safety and quality are shared by our people.  Our team are trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and hygiene to ensure we remain committed and responsible for providing the best fruit quality for our customers


We carry out testing on pesticides and microbial contaminants on our produce to supply our customers with consistently safe, quality product.

“All our systems and processes are reviewed annually and independently audited to ensure you receive product of the highest standard from the orchard to the packhouse and distribution centre.”