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Our goal is to deliver great tasting, quality apples, matching and inspiring your passion and excitement for your love of fruit.

We are passionate about bringing choice and diversity, which is why we travel the world to find the best tasting apples and bring them home, where we plant and grow for years before we bring them to you.


We select only the best varieties of stone-fruit, specially chosen for their superior flavour, texture and overall quality.

Our premium range of stone fruit is hand-picked from the outer edges of the trees where sunshine produces naturally higher sugars, intense colour, and full rich flavours to ensure you have the greatest, most refreshing eating experience in summer.


Choose Montague Farm’s Sweet Sensation pears with confidence. This pear comes from a long and rich heritage from the Netherlands. Learn what makes Sweet Sensation different to other pears.


Discover citrus fruits including oranges, mandarins and lemons. Versatile and beautifully acidic, Montague Farm’s range of citrus are available throughout the winter. Explore the classic and newer varieties of citrus.


Montague Farms’ premium grapes deliver on flavour and texture, including green, red and black grape varieties, available throughout the season. Learn more about the seasonality and range.

Apple Cider & Apple Paste

Crafted locally with premium Montague Farms apples, the Montague Apple Cider is a crisp refreshment, and the Montague Apple Paste is a delicious complement to cheese, crackers or croissants.