If you’re the type of person who loves to buy in-season produce, read on.

While you might already know the difference between apple season and stone fruit season, did you know apples have varying seasons too?

Apple season (aka when the apple is harvested and available for you), varies based on the type of apple and where it’s grown, with harvest starting in January and running through to May each year.

With over six different apples and four types of stone fruit in the Montague seasonality calendar, why not have a new fruit-eating experience each month?

Mark your diary and crunch on these fruits throughout the year following our seasonality calendar.


Start the year by trying one of Montague’s newest apples to hit the market: SweeTango®. Earning the Guinness World Record for the loudest recorded crunch for an apple, you’re guaranteed a crispy bite.

In addition to its serious crunch factor, the SweeTango® flavour delivers a hint of citrus, honey and spice, leaning closer to tart than sweet on the flavour scale.

As a new apple variety, SweeTango®  will only get better in years to come as the trees mature and the growers continue to learn about the apples growing characteristics.


If you haven’t tried a Smitten® apple yet, head to your local Coles Supermarket or Bill's Orchard Gate at The Orchard at Montague, from late February to enjoy a sweet sensation with every bite.

Combining Royal Gala, Braeburn, Falstaff and Fiesta varieties, Smitten® apples are known for delivering a sweet, juicy and full-flavoured apple.

Perfect for eating whole, stewed and served with yoghurt, served in a fresh fennel remoulade with barramundi or apple fritters with a spicy savoury salt.


When the Ambrosia™ apple hit the market to consumers in 2020, it became an instant hit with those who enjoy a sweet, juicy apple with aromatic characteristics.

While you might have been told the redder the better when it comes to an apple, Ambrosia™ apples are a bi-coloured apple, which means they present with a yellow base and orange-red blush.

Taking its name after the mythical ‘food of gods’, these delicious apples are available from late March to October to give Ambrosia™ apples your taste test tick of approval.

Late March also signals the start of harvest for one of our best-known (and much loved) apple varieties: JAZZ™ apple.

While JAZZ™ apples are harvested in March, due to the volume of fruit harvested across our network of growers, you can find JAZZ™ apples on the shelves at all major retailers for most of the year.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll be counting down the days until late April when our envy™ apple hits the supermarkets. With a long season, envy™ apples are available through to December, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample this dense, sweet apple.

With naturally occurring Vitamin C levels, our envy™ apples also makes a great accompaniment to a cheese platter – perfect for those cool autumn nights with a glass of vino.

Given its sweet characteristics, envy™ pairs well with desserts, such as this envy™ apple crumble bar or mixed through your breakfast bircher.


Calling all entertainers – run don’t walk to the shops in May and grab our yello® apple, which has a yellow skin colour that guarantees to elevate your next entertaining platter or picnic basket.

As this Montague apple has only been available to consumers for a few years and the number of trees growing this variety is still expanding, make sure you follow our social media channels for up-to-date information about where to buy yello® when in season.

June and July

Our exclusive eve™ apples are harvested around the end of June.

Sold only at Coles Supermarkets and Bill's Orchard Gate at The Orchard at Montague, these apples have a bright red skin and crisp white flesh that stays white for longer, due to naturally occurring vitamin C levels, they are perfect for adding freshness to a winter salad and a pop of colour to a cheese platter.

Prepare the glass of red wine and get to know what else to put on your entertaining platter following this guide.


As the end of the year draws near, our stone fruit growers are hard at work getting ready for their busiest time of year to harvest apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums.

Apricots are the first stone fruit to be harvested and available to you to kickstart the summer of stone fruit. Our range of apricots includes HoneyCot® which are known for their smooth orange skin, golden-red blush and large size.


You won’t have to wait much longer after apricots to fill your fruit basket with more stone fruit with the MONTAGUE tree™ peaches and nectarines – both yellow and white-fleshed varieties – and the MONTAGUE tree™ and CROC EGGS™ plums beginning harvest in late November.

Enjoy fresh or get inspired with summertime stone fruit recipes while in season until late March the following year.