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Nectarines like never before.

Do you love the juicy goodness of a nectarine, but find the flavours a bit inconsistent? Nectara are Australian-grown, exclusively Montague-packed premium nectarines that help you differentiate sweet from tangy, punchy from smooth – saving you the flavour guessing-game. With special stickers, you can easily identify the nectarine you fancy, whether that’s a white nectarine or yellow nectarine.  But we reckon they’re all amazing.

Sweet Silk - White Nectarine

For those who like it a little sweeter.

Sweet Silk White Nectarines offer satisfying summer sweetness. Refreshing and tasty, these nectarines are white-fleshed, firm, fragrant and juicy.

Delicious in salads, especially when paired with fresh rocket.

Smooth Honey - Yellow Nectarine

Real smooth.

Smooth Honey Yellow Nectarines burst with delectable honey notes. With a soft sweetness, Smooth Honey is the perfect juicy refreshment on sunny days.

Ideal with ice cream and desserts. Smooth Honey adds extra sweetness the healthy way.

Tangy Punch - Yellow Nectarine

Zesty. Sweet. So good.

Tangy Punch Yellow Nectarines pack a punch. Mouth-watering and super juicy, Tangy Punch is tastily zesty.

Pairs fantastically with meats and cheeses. You'll be adding Tangy Punch to every charcuterie board.

When is Nectara™ in season? 

A true summer fruit, Nectara™ nectarines are in season all through the sunny months.

Silk Sweet is in season from mid-November to mid-January.

 Smooth Honey is in season late November to late January.

Tangy Punch is in season from early November to late February.

Where is Nectara™ grown? 

Thriving in warm climates, Nectara™ nectarines are grown in Katunga, VIC and Swan Hill, VIC.

Where is Nectara™ available? 

Hand-picked direct from the orchard, Nectara™ is available from Coles, Woolworths, Costco, select independent green-grocers and at Bill’s Orchard Gate.

Packed full of flavour and high in fibre and antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Nectara is ideal as a healthy summer snack; tastily grilled on the BBQ; in a refreshing salad or in a delicious dessert. Why not try a recipe below?

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