Did you know that JAZZ™ apples are one of Australia's most loved apples? Adorning fruit bowls all around the country, JAZZ™ is the apple you can grab on the go for a tasty energy boost, and one to savour as a filling - and versatile! - snack. Australian-grown and hand-picked, delightful JAZZ™ apples are even more than a delicious snack...

How did JAZZ™ come about?

The tale of JAZZ™ apples is one of innovation, originating in New Zealand during the 1980s. By blending the beloved Braeburn and Royal Gala apples, growers crafted a new variety with a distinct flavour and texture. This crossbreed created the JAZZ™ apple we know and love today. Though, it wasn't until 2008 when they hit supermarket shelves here, that Aussies found their love for JAZZ™ apples.

Unbeatable flavour and texture

What makes JAZZ™ apples truly stand out is their sweet-tangy goodness. Each bite delivers a harmonious balance of sweetness and tanginess, accompanied by a crisp and juicy texture. Whether savoured solo or as a creative snack - such as with peanut butter, cheese or in a smoothie bowl - JAZZ™ is your refreshing palette cleanser.

A healthy snack alternative

Did you know apples have a low glycemic index (GI), which provides sustained energy levels and helps manage blood sugar? Apples are also rich in vitamin C and have high fibre content, which means you're supporting immune health and digestion with every bite!

From the growers: David and Sue Finger

Behind the scenes and on the orchard, growers like David and Sue Finger infuse their passion into every JAZZ™ apple they grow. In the Yarra Valley, the Fingers ensure that each JAZZ™ apple they grow meets exceptional quality standards.

David believes JAZZ™ is like, 'music in your mouth', and that growing this stunning apple, among the others they also grow, is simply 'part of our DNA'.

David compares JAZZ™ to the 'wilful child that takes a lot of hard work and does all the things wrong'. Which makes sense, considering the impacts of mother nature on growing fruit – from sun, hail and wet winters to birds and bats. Though the Fingers use netting systems, overhead cooling and rely on weather stations and data modelling to manage these aspects the best they can. Without growers like them, we wouldn't have beautiful JAZZ™ year-round!

Feeling inspired to pick up some JAZZ™ apples now? Find this incredible apple at your local Woolworths, Coles, Costco and independent greengrocer now.