The annual Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 29 this year – a holiday to celebrate togetherness, eat delicious food and admire the moon. Majorly celebrated in Chinese cultures, this global event lights up cities with lanterns and traditional dances, like the spectacle Tai Hang Fire Dragon dance.


So, what’s the meaning behind Mid-Autumn Festival? Being over 3,000 years old, there are many stories behind it. Historically, it’s believed to have begun as a moon-worshipping practice under the Zhou Dynasty (c. 1066-221 BC), before evolving into an official celebration with a feast and offerings made to the moon under the Tang Dynasty (c. 618-907 AD). Nowadays, families of Chinese and Asian backgrounds celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival by gathering, sharing gifts and making mooncake, a dessert pastry filled with red lotus paste, white lotus paste or salted egg yolks; and tang yuen, a dessert of glutinous rice balls. In our major cities, Darling Square and Queen Vic Market host a dining and dancing celebration, and of course, Chinatown’s are bustling with excitement.


Did you know Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as ‘The Children’s Festival’ in Vietnam? Mooncake is still the signature delicacy – but that doesn’t mean it’s the only treat on the table. This year, stand out with delicious envy™ Apple & Pulled Pork Rice Paper Rolls. The star of this recipe, envy™, is one of Asia’s most popular apples, favoured for its satisfying crunch and beautiful balance between sweet and tart flavours. Experience the versatility of envy™, while evoking that sweet taste of home.