One step into Bill’s Orchard Gate and you’ll be waving goodbye to the days you thought an apple was just an apple.

Not only is there a range of Montague grown produce available at Bill’s Orchard Gate (hello apples, pears and stone fruit), but we partner with other passionate, local producers – from vegetables and herbs to biscuits and sauces – to celebrate the best produce in one place.

Save the wait for a weekly farmers market and head to Bill’s Orchard Gate, brimming with fresh, seasonal produce and it’s open every day of the week.

We’ve got five reasons below why you should buy your fresh produce from Bill’s Orchard Gate.

1. Try new varieties not yet commercially available

If you’re someone who likes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trending items, you’re in for a treat.

At Bill’s Orchard Gate, you’ll be able to get the inside scoop on our newest varieties of fruit, purchasing them before they hit the supermarket shelves.

Take, for instance, our latest variety of apple, the pink-fleshed Kissabel®, which debuted at our orchard gate for its first season during in 2021, giving you a taste before its available from supermarkets and greengrocers.

Considering Montague has also entered the grape and citrus categories with a range of lemons, oranges, mandarins and grapes growing at our recently acquired farm in Mildura, a trip to Bill’s Orchard Gate in Narre Warren will give you a first taste of these freshly picked new arrivals too.

Keep in mind, as our fruit is seasonal the varieties available to try during your visit or shop will change throughout the year.

2. All produce is picked fresh with low travel miles

Want to taste and buy fresh, in-season fruit picked straight from the orchard?

All of the fruit and vegetables stocked at our orchard gate are picked fresh from our network of growers and partnering orchards as well as local farms and suppliers.

It’s not just the fruit and veggies that are sourced locally – you’ll always find a curated selection of products available to shop including gourmet biscuits, chocolates, condiments, homewares and ceramics.

3. Staff can help you learn about the characteristics of fruit

Have you ever thought of the flavour of fruit as sitting on a scale of sweet to tart? Or a texture scale from light to dense?

The team at Bill’s Orchard Gate are passionate about connecting fruit lovers with their perfect flavour match. That’s why the fruit flavour and texture scale was developed.

Our team is knowledgeable when it comes to guiding you through the flavour profiles and individual characteristics each fruit bestows.

4. Discover your ideal fruit flavour at the tasting bar

We’re sure you’ve heard of wine tastings and cheese tastings, but how does an apple or a plum tasting sound?

Whether you’re partial to a sweet or tangy tasting fruit, the best way to understand the full flavour profiles of each of our apple and stone fruit varieties is to taste them individually.

Our tasting bar allows you to sample our different varieties of fruit, gaining a better understanding of their flavour profile.

Once you’ve determined your favourites, grab a basket and stock up to share with your friends and family, alongside your new-found fruit knowledge.

5. All produce is stocked seasonally

Not only do our network of growers reside exclusively within Australia, but our orchard gate is always stocked with fresh seasonal produce.

When you shop, the produce will always be at its peak for freshness and flavour. It’s also a great way to reconnect with the cycle of nature and cook within the seasons.

You’ll find a selection of freshly-harvested produce throughout the year, and it’s a great way to guarantee you’re browsing the best of local produce with absolutely nothing imported.