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Netball is one of Australia’s fastest-growing sports, with a strong emphasis on community, teamwork and fitness. The passion and community of the game is why JAZZ™ apples are proud to be supporting our Aussie netballers this season!

This collaboration aims to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage active living and highlight the benefits of incorporating nutritious snacks like JAZZ™ apples into everyday life.

Fueling Aussie netballers with JAZZ™

Did you know over 1.2 million Australians participate in the game? Whether in the schoolyard, or on the main court, netball encourages community and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Sweet-tangy JAZZ™ apples have the same mission! 

Healthy eating and regular physical activity go hand in hand, and JAZZ™ apples offer a convenient, tasty option for players and fans alike. This partnership emphasises the message that a balanced diet is key to peak performance, both on and off the court.

watch our netballers soar!

Ever caught a netball game? A thrilling display of athleticism and passion, this Suncorp Super Netball season is the best yet!