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The envy™ Story

envy™ apples are the ultimate apple experience: balanced sweetness, sophisticated flavour, fresh aroma, delightfully satisfying crunch, beautiful appearance, and a naturally white flesh.

The name “envy” was chosen to capture the intense desire it would evoke in those who tasted it. With its exceptional flavor, striking appearance, and long shelf life, the envy™ apple quickly gained popularity worldwide. In Asia, the envy™  apple is a household name.

Today, in Australia it is quickly gaining popularity and is continued to be celebrated as a remarkable achievement in apple breeding, bringing joy to apple enthusiasts everywhere.

The envy™ apple has an intriguing backstory that adds to its allure. It was developed in New Zealand by a team of dedicated fruit lovers who are committed to improving the eating experience for consumers around the world by diversifying flavour and texture. Through meticulous crossbreeding and selection, they combined the best qualities of Braeburn and Royal Gala apples to create the envy™ apple.

envy™ apples - hand-picked direct from the orchard

Not just anyone can grow an envy™. Only licenced growers that our like-minded work with Montague to deliver the very best apple that we can grow.

envy™ apples are a high quality apple that has been grown to a certain sweetness level, size, shape and colour using nature and hard work. This is to ensure the apples are consistently delicious and your can trust what you are putting into your grocery basket.

envy™ apples are 100% hand-picked.




envy™ apples boast balanced sweetness, fresh aroma and an intense juicy, crunch. These apples are the sweetest in the Montague apple family and many people enjoy them because they are not tart.



The texture of the envy™ apple is crisp, firm, and satisfyingly crunchy.

With a crisp, white flesh that stays whiter for longer (thanks to the naturally occurring high levels of vitamin C) envy™ is the perfect accompaniment to a cheese board or fresh salad.


A winter apple. Australian grown, hand-picked envy™ apple are available from the end of autumn through to the start of spring, from May to December. However each year differs depending on the season.

Tip: Store your apples in your fruit bowl if you plan to eat them within 3-4 days however a cool, dark place is best for longer storage. A pantry or fridge is ideal for a longer term storage however we recommended eating them at room temperature to benefit from the true flavours.

In 2023, the apple  season is a lighter crop due to rain and hail events so these apples may run out a little earlier but rest assured they will return after harvest in May 2024.

Limited quantities available now, in season.


Growers & orchards

Australian grown envy™ apples grow best in regions with rich soil, high rainfall and summer sunshine, making our Stanthorpe (QLD), Batlow (NSW), Yarra Valley (VIC) and Huon Valley (TAS) orchards a match made in envy™ growing heaven.

Seen on the right is Orchard Manager Steve, and David Finger from Vernview Orchard, nestled in the picturesque Yarra Valley, it’s a haven for apple lovers. This charming orchard is renowned for its high-quality produce, including a variety of apples. The orchard’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and the preservation of the environment further enhances its appeal.


Meet Our Growers

Where to Buy

You’ll find envy™ apples at your local Woolworths, Coles, Costco, selected independent retailers and greengrocers and Bill’s Orchard Gate at The Orchard at Montague.

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Try this delicious tart with envy™ apples by Rosemary Andrews – full recipe HERE.

Image by Ben Moynihan, in partnership with Broadsheet.

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